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Mike Quijano 

is a retired  United States Army veteran with service in infantry, military intelligence  and special operations unit. When he worked in the special forces, he became became passionate about saving lives . He knew that he couldn't do it alone and decided to teach others to become force multipliers. He loves to teach. He loves to teach people to survive and to take control of their lives. 


Mike is also a former law enforcement officer having worked patrol, investigations, defensive tactics, the violence suppression unit, etc. That oath that you take to protect and to serve you have no choice. It's your job. He understands that. That is why you must have the right resources and the most up to date training in your tool box. 


Since then, Mike has trained tactical shooting to people of all levels, from soldiers, and police officers who work the streets to civilians with little to no time behind the trigger.

Mike has trained with some of the best in the world besides the military including many federal and local law enforcement departments. He has also attended the NRA instructor courses, the Sig Sauer Academy, CRI ABG/PSD Course, several of HSS courses, several CCW's courses, and many other courses which would take up way too much space here. And he continues to better himself and train constantly.


No other instructor in his area can offer what he offers as far as experience, tactical knowledge and training.  

He has also taught active shooter programs and armed intruder programs throughout the country. He believes in giving back to the community. 


On top of that, Mike has earned several black belts including in Kyokushin Kai (a knock down no pads styles of karate) and Goju Ryu Karate. He was also a Muay Thai Champion in North Eastern Thailand and has also studied Krav Haganah at CRI. Always one seeking to learn more.

He also offers Executive Protection Training, Operational Support, overseas deployment consulting services,​site surveys, and threat management, etc. He also works in the film industry providing stunt coordination, fight choreography, tactical firearms consulting, military & technical advising, tactical driving and has acted in films. Just wrapped up production with the film the "Red Night" and "Papa Legba" for Netflix, he served as the technical advisor and stunt/fight coordinator. He is now working with another crew on a Comic Book based Film "Here Comes Harleen" (stunt/fight coordinator) and will be working with Danny Lopez's MVP Films "Death Comes Knocking". He is booked for several more film projects for the next couple of months. 

Mike believes in teaching a full approach to combat, and that if you find yourself in a fair fight your tactics suck. He teaches and enforces safety in all of his classes regardless of prior experience. We have some of the top instructors in the world joining our ranks. Former and current S.W.A.T., D.H.S. , S.W.C.C., Special Forces, Marine Special Operations and other government agencies, etc. Come and join us for some outstanding training.

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Quick Glance


45 years martial arts & combatives experience.


3 Times Province Muay Thai Champion North Eastern Thailand.


20+ years cleared special operations, law enforcement, intelligence professional.


20+ years Executive protection field and tactical firearm instructor.





Our courses are held for private individuals or groups. We teach law enforcement, military & civilians. We will travel anywhere in the U.S. or World Wide to train your group, or to help your operations become a viable mission success. Our  staff includes members & former members of S.W.C.C., S.W.A.T. , D.H.S., Special Forces, Marine Special Operations, & other government agencies, etc.  We offer Tactical Rifle, Tactical Pistol, Active Shooter, Armed Intruder, Sniper, Counter Sniper, Urban & Rural Sniper, Pistol Stress Courses, Anti-Kidnapping/S.E.R.E, Tactical Driving Courses, Executive Protection Courses, anti-human trafficking, etc. Courses coming soon.

For Government contracts overseas we can offer operational support in administration, communication (Iridiums, Sincgars, Harris, etc.) & technical, law enforcement site surveys, logistics, surveillance, as well as tactical support & training, etc. Falcon & Blue Force Tracker systems, etc. We can also customize programs to facilitate your company's needs or culture whether it is EP, Risk Management, Tracking, CTPAT, etc. If you are interested, contact us.


"Where Warriors Come to Train"